Historic Formula 4 win for Lloyd

Queenslander Jordan Lloyd has etched his name into the history books, winning the final FIA Certified Formula 4 race at Townsville’s Reid Park Street Circuit. The new formula ran as supports to the V8Supercars and will do so for the remaining 6 rounds.

Taking the win today put Lloyd on the top step of the podium for the weekend, well and truly putting his competitors on notice for the balance of the year. “This weekend has certainly been a highlight of my racing career, having my name and the teams name on the first ever Formula 4 round trophy is something I won’t forget” said Lloyd after the final race win.

“In the last race we were pretty dominant, I had great car speed thanks to the BRM team who performed outstandingly, the car was pretty much perfect and I got my head down and managed to get the win” said Lloyd at his press interview.

From the time the lights went out until the chequered flag fell Lloyd was pretty much in a race of his own, when the cars got to the heavy turn two breaking point Lloyd was already 10 car lengths ahead of his rivals. He built on this lead until the safety car came out mid race for an incident. When quizzed on the restart Lloyd said “it definitely was a head scratcher with that one, I had to play my cards right on the restart, but luckily enough I managed to get a really good restart and kept a bit of a gap”.

Lloyds already looking towards the next round of the FIA Formula 4 championship at Queensland Raceway his home circuit and one he knows very well. “We have a very good package and I’m hoping we can carry over some of these championship points with another win” said Lloyd.

In a final twist of fate Lloyds win was almost taken away, a steward’s enquiry was launched straight after the start as it was suggested he had jumped the start, however after reviewing the in-car footage the penalty was not given.

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